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I hope my book will really help the beginner’s as well as amateur players for quick reference.

I study in Our Own English High School for Boys in Sharjah on 6th standard, and lives in an apartment opposite to Sharjah Cricket stadium. My family consists of my father, mother and a young sister. I have joined a year ago with Desart cubs Cricket Academy headed by coach Presely Polonnowita. The young talents of the Emirates were trained at DCCA by highly skilled coaches from Srilanka and India. The Head coach asked me to start with beginners squad, all beginners were given plastic balls because the coach doesn’t want anyone to have injuries with hardballs; I started enjoying cricket.

A month later I and Owais Sajd, my play mate has been selected for extra time coaching during week days with coach Indika Batuwitaaracchi and all weekends we played with regular squad. It was really a scaring day for me when my coach asked me to start with hard ball, then I was send to the development squad. I started improving my confidence in batting after facing some senior fast bowlers at the extra coaching sessions.

Coach Indika is a highly dedicated coach and he wanted us to learn cricket from basics, once he was awarded ‘Man of the Match’ in a tournament and the award was a book of Shyam A Bhatia’s ‘Portraits of the Game’. The book portraits all famous cricket players in the world starting from Don Bradman to Sachin Tendulkar. Coach gifted me the book and that book really inspired me to do something to help all beginners like me.

I would like to convey my gratitude to many , my parents, coaches specially Mr. Presely , Mr. Indika and Mr. Murali for their encouragement and supports during my research, my school principal Mr. Thomas Mathew and my teachers for the moral support and Mr. Satheesan (Artist) for giving the frame and graphics for the book. Mr. Shyam Bhatia whos is the key motive of my book and many people who have devoted their valuable time to share their knowledge through internet, authors of many cricket related illustrations where I have gathered data. I have used pictures of senior cricketers and my mate players to support the subjected definitions. Thank you all. I hope this comprehensive
handbook will be helpful to you on your cricket life.

Best wishes
Akash Santhosh